Why Jason?

Rep. Jason Saine has been an effective leader and champion for conservative causes for decades in Lincoln County and North Carolina.

Jason has been at the frontline of tax reform in North Carolina, leading to historic tax cuts. Since Jason joined the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011 North Carolinians have seen $4 billion hard earned returned to their pockets through tax reform. Jason continues to fight for further smart, conservative tax reform in his role as Senior Finance Co-Chair. The numbers speak for themselves: North Carolina has had the fastest growing economy since 2013 in no small part thanks to Jason's leadership.

Jason has been at the forefront of innovation. From being named the Public Leadership Award winner by the North Carolina Technology Association only one year into his first full term, to being a member of the FCC Intergovernmental Advisory Committee, Jason has been a leader in bringing technology and investments to North Carolina.




Because of the tax reform and continued tax cuts led by Jason businesses are coming to North Carolina at an incredible rate while new companies are started by entrepreneurs every day.

Fit Small Business ranks North Carolina is the best state for starting a business

CNBC ranks North Carolina the 5th-best state for businesses in 2017



Conservative leadership means smart budgeting. Just like individuals and families have to prepare and save, so should the government. Spending on priorities like schools and infrastructure while saving for the future is critical to conservative budgeting.

North Carolina One Of 12 States With Unanimous "AAA" Bond Rating


Lincoln County

Born and raised in Lincoln County, Jason knows the opportunities and history of our county as well as anyone. From Apple Festival to Camp Meeting, Jason has been part of this community since before he could walk. Lincoln County is in his blood.


New technology for a new century


Since its beginning America has been a global leader, home of new ideas and people willing to take chances. America is the most powerful country in history because of those people and the big ideas they worked hard for.

Today those big ideas look a lot like small cell technologies, smarter ways to build and maintain infrastructure, or connecting with people on the other side of the world with a couple taps on a smart phone.

Jason Saine has led the way in North Carolina with innovation and investment in developing new technologies and investing in critical digital infrastructure. Small cell towers bringing 5G broadband internet, which can be up to a thousand times faster than existing 4G speeds.

Because of Saine's leadership he was appointed to the Federal Communications Commission's Intergovernmental Advisory Committee (FCC IAC), where he advises on issues impacting every level of government with leaders from across the country.


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Tax cuts mean more money in your pockets


High taxes and high government spending aren't the way to prosperity and economic stability. Lower taxes, smart budgeting, and reduced regulations means an economy unhindered by unnecessary burdens. Businesses and entrepreneurs being allowed to do what they do best -- make jobs -- means more opportunities for North Carolinians.

Rep. Jason Saine has led the way on tax reform and reduction of government regulations. Since Jason came to the North Carolina General Assembly in 2011 a $2.5 billion deficit has been erased, $4 billion in tax cuts have been delivered to hardworking North Carolinians, and more jobs are coming to North Carolina every day.

The record speaks for itself.